Hippo coin, the community coin for the Cycan network, will be the candy box for airdrops meaning if you own Hippo, you will get more airdrops of utility coins in the Cycan network. Even better, you can start things off with an airdrop of Hippo as community members. …

On-Chain Development

// Completed

1. The following pallets were added to the standalone chain: contract related pallet, ethereum related pallet and GVM-bridge pallet.

2. GVM-bridge reorganized and exported operational documentation and test result report screenshots according to currently available code.

3.Modules supporting WASM contract and Solidity contract have been added…


Dear community members,

The airdrop of mCYN to ELP eco-participants in September has already been distributed on Polygon network.

ELP Eco-Participants means ELP holders joining one of these:

mELP GAME V1/2 Matic:


BNB/DOT/USDT-HIP LP Token Liquidity Mining:

Please add the mCYN contract address…

Hippo Game

Dear Cycan Community Members.

According to the community proposal, from now on, the Cycan team will distribute HNQ tokens to players who participated in the unsuccessful round of the Hippo Game.

Hippo Game Rules:https://help.hippogame.org/

After the HIPPO NFT market goes live, community members holding HNQ will have the right to…


ACY HDO Results Overview: link.medium.com/6j4yxrGEbjb

Dear Cycan & ACY Community Members:

Based on the results of the ACY HDO campaign, 2,333 forms were filled but the ACY TG group has only 400 members: https://t.me/acyfinance

After discussions between ACY and Cycan with the best interests of the community in mind, we…

Hippo Game will be on Polygon

The Event Twitter Link:

Gleam Link: bit.ly/2W1dwdE

💸Reward system💸

🔰Random Reward:(Total 1000 Winner)💰

💵 Random 500 Winner will Get 5 CYN each.

💴 Another 500 Random Winner will get 150k Hippo each.

‼️Note: Earn more points to get more chances to Win.

🔰Top Referral Reward:

Top 50 Referral will…

After two weeks HDO campaign, we have gotten 8701 valid Addresses from the Google form(Duplicates, wrong format, invalid addresses were deleted).

The ACY HDO Rules:

The HDO snapshot has been completed on the 28th of August, check the results:

Among these 8701 valid addresses from the Google Form:

A. Partnership:

1. Cycan Network will deploy their decentralized stable coin protocol (ELC) onto the Polygon network.

2. The Hippo Game Dapp, digital asset management protocol (ELP), Hippo NFT Market and other applications will be deployed onto the Polygon’s ecosystem and will apply for no less than 3 grants.


ACY Finance is an anti-robot decentralized exchange.
First time in the history, investors are capable of defeating MEV and any other kinds of arbitrage bots. In the past, MEV bots were invincible. In this new world created by ACY, investors will always win over the games.

ACY × Cycan AMA…

Host(Diamond): Welcome guys!!!! I would love to pick the brains behind this project!

This is Diamond from 499block it is really a great pleasure to meet you all!

Now, a simple introduction to our presenters today from ACY: Browni and Danny.

Here is a brief introduction of their backgrounds:


Cycan Network

The Cycan Network (CYN) and its canary nework(ELP) are decentralized cross-chain asset management platforms on DOT and BSC networks.

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