Cycan Bi-weekly Report Cycan Ecological Project Development Progress 2021/12/26


// Completed

1. Independent chain: substrate type address and Ethereum address interoperability encoding.
2. Independent chain: part of the mock and bechmark test of the interoperability between the substrate type address and the Ethereum address.

// Next step

  1. Independent chain: realize multi-server docker management.
  2. Independent chain: Interoperability test between substrate type address and Ethereum address.
  3. Independent chain: independent chain multi-node test.

【Product development】

// Completed
1. Product acceptance of Hippo Box platform beta version.
2. Release the beta version of the Hippo Box platform.

//In progress
1. Design of NFT platform mobile terminal page.
2. Design of Hippo Box V2 prototype.
3. Product research of SocialFi project.

//Next step
1. Development of Hippo Box platform mobile terminal.

【NFT project】

// Completed
1. NFT: Release the public beta version of V1 on the Matic testnet.
2. NFT: Coding of the external NFT set and virtual NFT module.
3. NFT: Update test cases of NFTFactory, LuckyLottery, UserTokens.
4. NFT ink!: Reconstruction of Lucky_lottery data structure (reduce two structures); complete erc20tokens, erc20smart
5. NFT: Increase the demand for access to external NFT.
6. NFT: Increase access to external NFT design.
7. NFT: Partly coding of increasing access to external NFT .
8. NFT: Overall test debugging and preliminary public test of V1 version.
9. Complete NFT ink! Complete the update of Base, NFTAuctionMarket, NFTExchangemarket, NFTFactory contract.

// In progress
1. NFT: Development of other modules compatible with external NFT.

// Next step
1.NFT: Airdrop test of V1 version.
2. NFT: Test of External NFT set and virtual NFT module.
3. NFT: Development of ink! contract.



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