Cycan Weekly Report 2022/01/17

Cycan Network
2 min readJan 17, 2022



// Finished

1. Cycan public chain: prepared internal test of global nodes and wrote test-related documents.

2. Cycan public chain: modified the system parameters of the public chain source code as required.

// Nest Step

1. Cycan public chain: modify the code and submit the internal test version of the public chain to dockerhub.

2. Cycan public chain: carry out internal testing of global nodes within the public chain.

3. Cycan public chain: modify the code comments of the public chain and prepare to submit to github.

4.Cycan public chain: prepare to develop the cross-chain function of the public chain.

Product Development

// Finished

1. ECL V2 product requirements document.

// In Progress

1. Product prototype and requirement document of Slash Space platform.

2. Poduct development of Hippo Box V2.

3. SocialFi project research.

4.Mobile platform development of Hippo Box.

ELC Project

// Finished

1. ELC: development and review of the multi-collateral version of ELC-Solidity.

// Next Step

ELC: test multi-collateral version of ELC-Solidity.

NFT Project

// Finished

1. NFT: v1 version public beta is in progress and continue to solve feedback problems.

2. NFT ink!: developed and verified IdProvider contract, completed the development of Base contract.

3. NFT ink!: completed the update of test cases for ExternalNftBase and IdProvider contracts.

// Next Step

1. NFT: v2 front-end development.

2. NFT: v2 front-end testing and integration testing.

3. Continue to develop NFT ink! contract.



Cycan Network

The Cycan Network (CYN) and its canary nework(ELP) are decentralized cross-chain asset management platforms on DOT and BSC networks.