Cycan Weekly Report | 4th Aug 2021


// Completed

1. Contract inter-calling V0.1 optimization.

2. Test code has been added to contract inter-calling V0.1.

3. The completed part of adding the EVM contract module to the experimental standalone chain is as follows.

3.1. Frontier repository client package used for block import and data mapping.
3.2. RPC communication interface debugging completed.

// Ongoing

1. Writing GVM-Bridge usage instructions and use-case documentation.

// Upcoming

1. Finish adding the EVM contract module to the experimental standalone chain.

2. Integrate contract intermodulation V0.1 to the chain node and test it on the chain node.

3. Use BABE consensus on the experimental standalone chain.

4. Develop rGRAND consensus on experimental standalone chains.

5. Add contract intermodulation to the experimental standalone chain.

Product Development

// Completed

1.CYN HDO function has gone online.

2. Hippo NFT platform documentation V0.3.0 version.

// Ongoing

1. ELC Solidity version Dapp debugging.

2. Cycan Asset Management Platform framework development.

3. Hippo NFT platform high-fidelity design.

4. Alpha version of NFT platform development.

// Upcoming

1. ELC Solidity version Dapp internal testing.

2. NFT platform Alpha version testing.

ELC Stablecoin Development

// Completed

1. ELC Solidity version development.

2. ELC optimization iteration sub-functional testing.

// Ongoing

1. Open Grant Milestone 2 deliverables development.

2. ELC Optimization iteration integrated testing.

3. ELC Optimization iteration internal audit.

// Upcoming

  1. ELC Solidity release Dapp interfacing.

The Cycan (CYN) is a public chain providing DEFI infrastructure for NFT market, based on Substrate framework, compatible with WASM, EVM virtual machine, providing access to Cycan public chain slot for NFT consortium chain to realize the global flow of computational NFT such as traceable vouchers and digital IP.

The Everlasting Parachain (ELP) is a decentralized cross-chain asset management platform to provide users with convenient asset management tools and diverse investment strategies to achieve the value growth of their digital asset portfolios. Cycan will be focusing on the DeFi&NFT market.

The Everlasting Cash (ELC) is an anti-inflation algorithmic stablecoin on the Cycan network.

Hippo Token, the community coin for the Cycan network, will be the candy box for airdrops in Cycan community.

Hippo web:

HIP BSC Smart Contract Address(BEP20):
ELP BSC Smart Contract Address(BEP20):
CYN BSC Smart Contract Address(BEP20):

ELC W3F Grant:

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